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Done For You Starter

Get These TIME-SENSITIVE Bonuses When You Invest Right Now

Special Bonus 1

Viral Suite ($197 Value)

ViralSuite lets you build a viral content sharing platform in minutes! With ViralSuite, anyone can easily create viral lists, quizzes and polls quickly and easily from first use. ViralSuite supports open list & copy list features to allow any user of your site to contribute to viral lists.

Collect emails, telephone, url, address in one click! You can then filter data save it and easily export in excel, csv or pdf format.

Build a huge database of business contacts and use them to build custom audiences and launch profitable ads!

Special Bonus 2

Laramby ($197 Value)

LaramBy is a simple blogging system where you can easily add Amazon and eBay product keyword in blog posts. You can then promote a lot of Amazon and eBay affiliate products for massive profits! LaramBy is built using Laravel, no need to have any programming skills to put this script

Special Bonus 3

FaceZon Store Builder ($297 Value)

This app will create a new tab “Amazon Store” on the fan page to list down your store products! Display list of categories on your app, search your ebay store items on the base of keywords. Facebook comments, share, pinit, likes are part of it. No need to login to Facebook in order to access the Admin Control Panel

Special Bonus 4

Insta ClickShop ($199 Value)

Turn your Instagram images into picture perfect shoppable links! Increase sales by making your Instagram feed instantly shoppable, embed shoppable Instagram galleries & carousels into your store, easy to use and setup takes only 3 minutes!

Special Bonus 5

SEO Monster 2 ($199 Value)

SEO Monster 2 it’s an advanced PHP script designed for running customizable SEO reports!

You can create unlimited SEO profiles, that can include over 30 fully customizable SEO checks. The script features an easy to use admin panel, that can be used to change many aspects of your site, like the language, skin, facebook like box and so much more. The reports can also be downloaded as PDF files.

Main features..




  • 50 Products (DFY)
  • 10 Categories
  • 5 Themes
  • SEO Optimized
  • Niche Selection
  • Easy Customization
  • Fully Automated
  • Includes 24/7 Support
  • FB Ads Audit
  • Product Catalog Sync
  • Private FaceBook Group
  • Free Training


  • 200 Products (DFY)
  • 20 Categories
  • 7 Themes
  • SEO Optimized
  • Niche Selection
  • Easy Customization
  • Fully Automated
  • Includes 24/7 Support
  • FB Ads Audit
  • Product Catalog Sync
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Free Training


Grab Your 'DONE-FOR-YOU' 6 Figure eCom Business Setup

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Simply Choose Your Package & We’ll Hand You A Complete Business That Is Primed To Make A Profit From Day 1!

Completely Done For You eCom Store Setup & Installation

Preloaded With 100+ Products.. Just Copy, Paste And PROFIT

100% Drop Shipping Automation - Search, Import & Ship Products in 1-Click

Everything Done For You In 4-5 Days... 100% Ownership. Your Store, Your Store, Your Merchant Account And Your Customers

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Hey there again!

I’ve got one more life-changing message to announce so I really urge you to read every single word on this page, because this is really a RARE opportunity to have me and my team build your entire store for you, from start to finish.

That’s right!

This members-only, exclusive upgrade will allow you the FREEDOM you need and DESIRE to finally have your own dropshipping store ready to take orders in less than 5 minutes! It’s no secret that eCom is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start making serious money online and is estimated to grow to $6.3 TRILLION DOLLARS by 2024.

Right now it’s the absolute BEST time to start your own dropshipping/ecom store.

But There’s a BIG Problem

Most People That Start An eCom Store... FAIL MISERABLY

95% of people don’t make a PROFIT in the first 30 days!

And this because getting going and creating your store takes time and money.

You Have A Few Options...

You Pay Someone Thousands On A Design And Coder To Build You A Store

You Use Shopify That Charges You A Monthly Fee… And You’ll Still Have To Build Everything On Your Own!

In Addition To All The Daily Maintenance And Tasks 

That Are Needed To Run Your Store And Keep It Ahead Of The Competition Like…

Finding products that actually sell

Researching a HOT niche

Setting up payment processing

Managing and tracking inventory

Hooking up with the right suppliers

Automating a LOT of processes

Mastering FB ads

Auto Fulfillment

Shipping rules calculation

And the list goes on and on!

This stuff is seriously complicated, can take months and THOUSANDS of dollars if you do it yourself…

Plus, if you do get your store setup, you’ll probably do it all wrong.. and to bank $5k to $50k monthly from your store, you have to setup everything 100% correctly!

I'm Sure You Don’t Have That Kind Of Money To Spend…

Nor Do You Want To Be Slaving Away Trying To Do Everything Yourself

You need a quick solution…

something that can make you money FAST and lots of it!

To make the kind of money you want with eCom, you need someone that's "been there and done that" to show you the ropes and lead you to MASSIVE success in record time!

So what if you could have my team building you a complete, fully functional, built to profit eCom store that fully works & brings you sales for months to come?

What if you could also have a dedicated team to audit your FB ad campaigns that bring in traffic and sales for you?

We Decided To Completely Destroy All Obstacles

With Our 100% Done-For-You Store Creation Suite

Get your own 5-6 figure ecom business without lifting a finger

Everything done for you... installation, hosting, apps, research, products, etc.

Easy to run and manage! Our clients have generated $3.6M in sales!

NEW System – NO shopify monthly fees... List unlimited products and process unlimited sales without ANY limitation

100% Beginner Friendly... Includes training & coaching for SUCCESS - no experience required!

Just Imagine Being Able To…

get a complete “done for you” package where you will just sit, relax and watch us do all the hard work for YOU while removing every piece of guesswork… and all you have to do is PUSH 1 BUTTON and BOOM your store is READY…

"Dropify A.I Store Creation Suite"

The Ultimate Done-For-You 6 Figure Dropshipping Business

If you’re looking to make money FAST, Dropship Store Suite is going to be a complete GAME CHANGER for you!

For the first time ever, we'll personally work with you one-on-one and build you a highly profitable, in-demand eCom/dropshipping store in ANY niche in 3 days from NOW.

This is a complete done-for-you offer where you don't have to do anything here..

All will be ready made for you!

You Won't Have To Bang Your Head Against The Wall Thinking About How To..

  • Get your store setup quickly and without issues
  • Decide what market or niche you're going to tap into...
  • Choose the types of products you'll sell in your brand new store
  • Drive hordes of traffic to your store
  • Hook up with the right suppliers
  • Automate your dropshipping process

You won’t have to do anything.. even selecting a domain name, installing apps, setup payment gateways.. My team will do everything for YOU! Running your dropshipping business has never been easier than this..

We’ll help you to get profitable with your very own custom store.

This is Like Using A Time Machine To Fast Forward 8-12 Months of Trial n Error, Hit n Miss, Hurdles And Frustration

In eCom, You Can Go From Zero To Hero In A Matter Of Weeks!

We can take care of all the tedious and time consuming tasks that stop you from achieving massive success by giving you the keys to your new, money making store in just 3-4 days.

And remember, even after we hand over your shiny new store, we don’t just leave you to it!

We train and coach you on how to manage your store effectively with Dropify and maximize your profits.

(Tutorials And Live Q And A Sessions!).

We’ll Take Care Of EVERYTHING From A-Z

Now! Here's What's Included In Our Dropship Store Creation Suite Packages...

High Converting Niche Selection

Store Setup & Installation

Not technical? No worries! Our experienced team will handle everything from setup to full installation.

Instead of wasting your time researching yourself, we'll personally select a high demand niche for you or you can send us one too!

100% Custom SubDomain & Brand Name

You pick up a catchy sub domain name for your new Dropshipping store

Customized Theme

We give you a nice selection of customized themes built for the highest conversion rates possible. You get the HIGHEST converting layouts without spending a single dime!

Professional Store Design

We’ll create a beautiful design for your store, logo, template, banners, covers.. ANYTHING!

100+ ‘High In Demand’ Products

We'll choose AND add up to 100 HOT selling products to your store, all with proper SEO friendly titles & killer descriptions THAT ACTUALLY SELL!

Store Optimization

Store speed up optimization with less requests and improved loading time!

10M+ Products To Import Available

No limits to the number of products or categories you can import to your store! Choose from over 10 Million products with free worldwide shipping!

On Page SEO and Social Media

We'll help and guide you creating your social media accounts for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

SEO Optimized

Fully SEO optimized and loved by Google so you’ll get organic traffic and boost your sales!

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Looking to drive traffic and get sales? We’ll help you audit your ad campaigns so you get traffic!

Complete Hosting *

Don’t have hosting? We will host your store on our powerful cloud servers with 100% guaranteed uptime!

Easy To Manage

Our stores run on WordPress & Woo-commerce, the easy platform to manage everything from orders to payments!

24/7 Direct Technical Support

We’ll answer all your questions, no VA's here and we’re limiting my client base to keep the quality high. ($2,500/month value!)

Custom Development

Need a custom feature? No problem! Get in touch with our team and we'll tell you how to get it done with some extra charges!

$3 MILLION In Sales

Our stores have generated $3M in sales for our clients!

NO Shopify

Best part is you don’t need Shopify or paying any monthly fees!

6 Figure Opportunity

Cash in on huge profit margins and grow your dropshipping business to 6 Figures in less than 3 months!

Wow, This Is Exactly

What I Need To Succeed With Dropshipping...

If you try figuring things out on your own with eCom, you’ll end up losing a ton of money and wasting time...

This exclusive offer will prevent that from happening... and although it's hard to put a price on NOT losing money and NOT wasting time, that's exactly what you're getting when you make the wise decision to take action TODAY...

You get a complete, in-demand, full-fledged business that is battle-tested for success!

Here's Why Now Is Absolutely THE BEST Time To Invest

In Your Own eCommerce Business

eCommerce Is Growing Everyday With No Signs Of Slowing Down!

$2.5 TRILLION in 2019... expected to grow to $6.3 Trillion by 2024, and by 2025 eCom will surpass $7 TRILLION!

With the eCom business, you can go from ZERO to HERO very quickly.

So whether you get in or sit and watch on the sidelines, someone is going to get PAID today, this week, this month, etc...

That someone could be YOU today, and that's without lifting a finger, no tech, no research, no copy, no ads, and everything done for you!

The Cost Of Not Creating An eCommerce Business

Right now while the timing is perfect, could ruin your chances of living the dotcom lifestyle of total freedom..


travel freedom, money freedom, and complete TIME FREEDOM. The truth is, you could try to attempt all the steps and figure it out on your own..  or you can have my team build you everything from scratch. It’s up to you!

This Is An Exclusive Deal for New Dropify A.I Users Only…

You MUST ACT NOW! As Slots Are Filling Up Very FAST... PUSH The Start Button To Have Your Own 5 Figure Business

Get Started Now - Instant Access!

  • Fully customizable SEO reports with over 30 SEO checks (3 profiles included)
  • Highly customizable via admin panel
  • Easy to install (just upload the files)
  • Fully translatable (EN,RO included)
  • Google adsense & analytics ready
  • View/Download the reports as PDF
  • Easy to change, responsive design – Bootstrap (3 skins included) ..and so much more...

Try Dropship Store Suite For 30 Days RISK FREE

With a Full 30-Day, No Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

We’re 100% confident that you will love our dropshipping store we will setup for you, but if we don't deliver your store within the stipulated time, if our support team cannot solve your query, so you are not satisfied, then neither are we, we’ll refuse to keep your money.

Get These TIME-SENSITIVE Bonuses When You Invest Right Now

With a Full 30-Day, No Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re 100% confident that you will love our dropshipping store we will setup for you, but if we don't deliver your store within the stipulated time, if our support team cannot solve your query, so you are not satisfied, then neither are we, we’ll refuse to keep your money.

This Is An Exclusive Deal for New Dropify A.I Users Only…

You MUST ACT NOW! As Slots Are Filling Up Very FAST... PUSH The Start Button To Have Your Own 5 Figure Business

Get Started Now - Instant Access!

Ready To Start Your Own Money Making Store and See Results Faster 

Than You Ever Thought Possible?

Here's what I want you to do next...

If you want to accelerate your business right now, avoid making costly mistakes and skip all of the guesswork, our offer is guaranteed the best bang-for-your-buck 100% optimized Done-For-You Prebuilt eCom/Dropshipping Store!

This is a complete DFY service and it’s impossible for us to work with more than just 7 clients per month. Therefore, this offer is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.

The good news is, there are still slots for you to get on board RIGHT NOW!

We Don't Know How Long Before All The 7 Slots Fill Up...

It could be days, hours or even minutes from now.

Plus, the risk is on us. You are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our current customers are doing well and some are already banking multiple 5 figures monthly.

Listen up... The only question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to hit my income goals in 2022?” If the answer is YES, we would love to help you get started FAST with your 6 figure eCom business.

Secure your plan right now, we will only be taking 7 clients per month because of our busy schedule, so you don't want to miss out on this tremendous opportunity.

We will work with you all throughout your journey UNTIL you start getting profitable!


Q. How Does This Work?

This is a complete “done for you” store creation service. Our team of experts will create and setup an ecom/dropshipping store for you, load it with products, also guide you on how to get traffic to your store.

Q. Is This Beginner Friendly?

YES! No previous experience required. After the setup, you will also be given simple step by step training tutorials. If you do get stuck, we also have a support desk to help out.

Q. Will You Pick A HOT Niche For Me?

Yes, we have a list with the most profitable niches analyzed by our expert team. You will only need to choose the one you like the most!

Q. How Long Before I Start Making Money?

You can see results the SAME DAY. Some of our clients made sales from Day 1, some after a few weeks, BUT we cannot guarantee any sales as results differ. We will continue to support you till you succeed. We give everything you need - tech, tools, support, everything!

Q. How Long Will The Setup Take?

3-7 working days. When you order, you’ll be immediately assigned to our team who will work with you directly.

Q. Can I Add More Products To My Store?

Yes, you can add unlimited products to your store! When you get your ready custom store, it already has 50-300 pre-imported products depending on your package. At any moment, you can import as many as you want! We also offer special import packages and will do all the hard work for you!

Q. Is There A Guarantee?*

YEP! If we don't deliver your ecom store and everything as promised, simply send us an email and we'll issue you a 100% refund. That's how sure we think you're going to absolutely love it. You have absolutely nothing to lose here!

*We cannot refund if you already got your order fulfilled and store delivered.

Q. Do You Provide Support?

Absolutely! We offer 24/7 customer support with prompt responses to any technical issue that you might be experiencing! In the members area you're going to find the best way to get in touch with us




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